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Make CapsLock an additional Escape key - Problem: https://wiki.debian.org/Keyboard advice does not work


I have tried to change the behavior of the CapsLock key to make it an
additional Escape key. In order to do this I read the advice on

Specifically I did:
I changed the file /etc/default/keyboard to:


Then I tried to execute the commands

# service keyboard-setup restart

and rebooting the the whole system. Nothing worked. After rebooting
the CapsLock key behaved in exactly the same manner as before
rebooting. It is still a CapsLock key.

Maybe this is helpful:
I use Debian Testing with Gnome.

Does anyone have any tips on why this does not work? Or how to inform
the Wiki team that this page contains wrong information?

Best regards,

P.S.: I actually was able to change the keyboard layout later on by
the Gnome Tweak tool, but nevertheless I do not unterstand why the
official information does not work and it should be rectified.

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