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Re: Make CapsLock an additional Escape key - Problem: https://wiki.debian.org/Keyboard advice does not work

On 15.09.17 08:48, Peter Smith wrote:
> P.S.: I actually was able to change the keyboard layout later on by
> the Gnome Tweak tool, but nevertheless I do not unterstand why the
> official information does not work and it should be rectified.

It is depressing to see the linux community succumb to unwarranted
creeping complexity. For nearly two decades, this has done it for me:

$ more ~/.Xmodmap 
keycode 0x42 =  Escape
clear Lock

That's consulted as X fires up, so if you copy your useful dot-files
across upgrades and reinstalls, it's done from here on out.


The meta-problem here is that the configuration wizard does all the approved
rituals (GUI with standardized clicky buttons, help popping up in a browser,
etc. etc.) but doesn't have the central attribute these are supposed to achieve:
discoverability. That is, the quality that every point in the interface has
prompts and actions attached to it from which you can learn what to do next.
                                   - Eric Raymond, in "The Luxury of Ignorance."

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