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Re: sudo slow on DNS lookup, with invalid resolv.conf entries

On 2017-09-18, x9p <debian-user@x9pneu.com> wrote:
>> IMO you should look deeper in your use case and see why you get invalid
>> setup. The problem might be somewhere else.
>> regards
> My chosen machine name was "localhost", problem partially lies here.

Yeah, man. 

My uncle Harry had a similar problem when it occurred to him that--for
reasons of simplicity and because of a failing memory--he might christen
two recently-purchased kittens with identical names. Whenever he called
one of them there would be a considerable delay (each of them assuming
he was calling the other).

Of course cats never come when you call them anyway (which is a clue
the story may be apocryphal). 

BTW, did you get the memo?


> x9p

"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." Groucho

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