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Re: Nvidia Quadro FX880M and debian sid

On 09/06/2017 01:38 AM, Pétùr wrote:

I have installed Debian (Sid) on a Dell precision M4500 from 2010.

It has the Nvidia Quadro FX 880M graphical card. I have some freezes and
graphical glitches when using the nouveau driver. They appears time to
time (the window I was using is still there but I cannot see it anymore
except if I put the mouse cursor on it.

I tried the proprietary driver (nvidia-legacy-340xx-driver for this
card) which has no glitches but suspend and hibernate does not work anymore.

*Does someone find a solution to have suspend and hibernate working with
this card and the proprietary driver ?*


*Does someone have a solution to fix the graphical glitchs I have with
the nouveau driver?*


P-S : lspci

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT216GLM [Quadro
FX 880M] (rev a2)


I do not know that nvidia card, but for nvidia I know two packages that need to be installed, 'xserver-xorg-video-nvidia' this package is nvidia version 375.xx and is the current nvidia for Sid/Testing and the other package is 'nvidia-driver', maybe installing package nvidia-driver will pull-in all you need, I don't remember, but this is the driver I run on this machine with geforce gt610.
Jimmy Johnson

Debian Sid/Testing - KDE Plasma 5.10.5 - AMD A8-7600 - EXT4 at sda8
Registered Linux User #380263

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