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Re: Nvidia Quadro FX880M and debian sid

Doug composed on 2017-09-13 12:40 (UTC-0500):

>Pétùr wrote:

>> Felix Miata composed:

>>>> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT216GLM [Quadro
>>>> FX 880M] (rev a2)
>>> I have no complaints using the modesetting driver, but I don't use
>>> laptops or suspend either.

>> I did purge/reinstall the nouveau Xorg driver and delete any nvidia.
>> packages.

>> It works fine most of the time but I still have graphical problems time
>> to time.
> BTW, you will get better performance from the video card if you get the 
> proper NVidia driver and install it.

How do you know he will? Do you have a GT216GLM [QuadroFX 880M] (rev a2)? Just
because many people do better with proprietary drivers does not mean everyone
will. People who use PCs for work rather than play won't necessarily notice any
difference, assuming there is any difference. With Pétùr's particular hardware
and software combination, there could be none.
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