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Re: unable to determine which package my bug report should be filed against - please advise.

On Thu, 07 Sep 2017 16:51:25 -0400
DM <skyguide.base@protonmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Debian support team. I am a happy Dabian 9 user. I would like
> to report an issue I am experiencing. In the past I used a package
> 'reportbug' to report bugs, but by design, I have to identify what
> package the issue is related to.
> I am not sure exactly what may be the cause of the issue, and I am
> reaching out to you for help to identify what part of Debain might be
> causing this issue.
> The issue:  I am using a second monitor (external monitor connected
> via a displayport - LG 29UM57-P). External monitor connected to my
> laptop - Lenovo T420. External monitor does not display video at the
> desired resolution and the aspect ratio.
> Displayed resolution - 1920 x 1080
> Displayed aspect ratio - 16:9
> Expected resolution - 2560 x 1080
> Expected ratio - 21:9
> This same exact issue exist on my other machine Lenovo X230 with
> external monitor of exact same model.
> Previous version of Debian 8 (jessie) worked with out any issue with
> the monitor at the correct and expected resolution and the aspect
> ratio.
> After installing a fresh version of Debian 9 (Stretch), I am unable
> to use the external monitor at its maximum resolution. Debian 9
> (Stretch) was a full installation from scratch (not an upgrade).
> All cables has been tested, and hardware issues has been ruled out.
> I am not sure if I should be filing a bug report identifying Gnome3,
> or X11 as a cause of the issue or some other part of the OS.
> Could you please advise.

It saves a bit of time if you can identify the correct package, and
it's often obvious, but it's not crucial to do so. Make your best guess
and report the bug. If you're wrong, the Developer God will roll his
eyes, mutter 'idiot', and reassign it to the correct package, though
sometimes bugs get worked on significantly before the correct package
can be identified. The important thing is to get it logged into the

'Gnome' is the wrong guess, as it's just a gigantic collection of
somewhat-related packages, I'd go for xserver-xorg, itself a collection
of packages, but a much smaller one, and it will cause all the
X-related packages to be listed in the bug report. 'Gnome' would give
you a bug report the size of an old-style telephone directory.

You'll probably be asked to supply further information, by someone who
knows what they want to see and where to find it.


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