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unable to determine which package my bug report should be filed against - please advise.

Hello Debian support team. I am a happy Dabian 9 user. I would like to report an issue I am experiencing. In the past I used a package 'reportbug' to report bugs, but by design, I have to identify what package the issue is related to.

I am not sure exactly what may be the cause of the issue, and I am reaching out to you for help to identify what part of Debain might be causing this issue.

The issue:  I am using a second monitor (external monitor connected via a displayport - LG 29UM57-P). External monitor connected to my laptop - Lenovo T420.
External monitor does not display video at the desired resolution and the aspect ratio.

Displayed resolution - 1920 x 1080
Displayed aspect ratio - 16:9

Expected resolution - 2560 x 1080
Expected ratio - 21:9

This same exact issue exist on my other machine Lenovo X230 with external monitor of exact same model.

Previous version of Debian 8 (jessie) worked with out any issue with the monitor at the correct and expected resolution and the aspect ratio. 

After installing a fresh version of Debian 9 (Stretch), I am unable to use the external monitor at its maximum resolution. Debian 9 (Stretch) was a full installation from scratch (not an upgrade).

All cables has been tested, and hardware issues has been ruled out.

I am not sure if I should be filing a bug report identifying Gnome3, or X11 as a cause of the issue or some other part of the OS.

Could you please advise.

Thank you.


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