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Re: Live recording

David Christensen <dpchrist@holgerdanske.com> writes:

> On 08/04/17 00:06, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
>> David Christensen <dpchrist@holgerdanske.com> writes:
>>> What is the make and model of your netbook?
>> It's an Acer Aspire One, and the model should be ZG8.
> When I go to the Acer support page:
> https://www.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers
> "ZG8" is not a valid model number -- it should be something like "AO521".
> If your netbook has a stereo microphone/ line-in connector, then you might be
> able to make stereo recordings by patching the left microphone to the tip (+)
> and sleeve (-) and the right microphone to the ring (+) and sleeve
> (-). (e.g. the negatives are commoned).

Yes, everything lets us think that the `mic' entry of my Acer Aspire One is
stereo: as reported in my messages marked with `solved' in the present thread,
I managed to do stereo live records with the use of a 3.5mm
twin-mono-female--single-stereo-male cable plugged into the `mic' input of my
PC with the two microphones plugged into it.



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