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Re: pesky and persistent "driverless" Brother MFC-9340CDW

On 08/04/2017 08:25 AM, Curt wrote:
On 2017-08-04, Jape Person <japers@comcast.net> wrote:
A few weeks ago a CUPS upgrade to our Debian testing systems
started showing a new driver for our Brother MFC-9340CDW in print
dialogs and in the CUPS printer list and in the
system-config-printer utility.

You'd think that was good news, but we've been unable to find any
way to make the queue for this "driverless" instance of the printer
function properly.

Just very quickly found this bug that seems to be relevant to your
case, Jape. As you didn't describe the "garbled" condition of your
printouts with the "driverless" driver I can't be sure but it seems a
fair guess.

I should have been more careful in describing the output. Eyes are old, and thought the was garbling, but closer exam with magnifying glass reveals that it's all just distorted -- as in compressed vertically.

Apparently a resolution dpi error (reported as 600x2dpi--firmware bug?--and set that way by cups in the PPD. Workaroundable by
modifying the PPD manually as explained in the thread).

BTW at the Brother site I think they're recommending updating the firmware for this printer (maybe not for the reasons explicited

HTH. >


Mercy! Why didn't I look in bug reports? Sheesh! The brain is really just kind of occupying space between the ears these days!

I'll check the firmware. I already updated it once on this printer, and it was a pain. (Required buying a Windows computer.)

I'll also go through the thread to see what I can learn.

Many thanks to you, Curt!

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