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Re: pesky and persistent "driverless" Brother MFC-9340CDW

On Thu 03 Aug 2017 at 21:39:43 -0400, Jape Person wrote:

> A few weeks ago a CUPS upgrade to our Debian testing systems started showing
> a new driver for our Brother MFC-9340CDW in print dialogs and in the CUPS
> printer list and in the system-config-printer utility.
> You'd think that was good news, but we've been unable to find any way to
> make the queue for this "driverless" instance of the printer function
> properly.

It *is* good news. The printer was set up automatically, something
people have been asking for for years. No non-free drives, either.
A pity about the printout. That shouldn't happen, The cause would
need to be looked at. Maybe the printer is non-conforming to IPP
> The only way we can print with this printer is to do what we were doing
> before the new "driverless" instance of the printer showed up. We add a
> printer to the system via system-config-printer or the CUPS Web browser
> dialog and deliberately select the Brother MFC-9320CW Foomatic or Brother
> Script-3 driver. (That's not a typo. I'm deliberately choosing a different
> model.) Both of those PPDs work. I have to provide a deliberately altered
> name for this instance so users can tell it from the one that doesn't work.

Brother provides software for this printer.

 http://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadlist.aspx?c=gb&lang=en \
 &prod=mfc9340cdw_all \

(URL line broken for readability).

> The particularly annoying thing about this situation is that I cannot delete
> the "driverless" instance of the printer from CUPS / system-config-printer.
> The instant it is deleted, it is automatically re-detected and added back to
> the printer list. But anyone who chooses to print to it is going to get a
> distorted or garbled printout.
> I was able to set a policy in the instance so that only root can print to
> it, so a regular user isn't going to waste time and paper. Still, it would
> be nicer if I could turn off the advertisement that the printer and the
> operating system is providing for the "driverless" instance.

"CreateIPPPrinterQueues No" in cups-browsed.conf. Or switch off Bonjour
broadcasting (AirPrint) on the printer.


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