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Re: apt or apt-get equivalent of 'aptitude --show-why upgrade'

On 2017-08-02 at 14:44, Felix Miata wrote:

> Christoph Groth composed on 2017-08-02 17:44 (UTC+0200):
>> I'm running Debian testing and would like to upgrade from 
>> "oldtesting" (jessie) to current testing.  I noticed that 'apt 
>> upgrade' as well as 'apt-get upgrade' want to install the package 
>> 'pulsaudio' which I've been avoiding successfully so far.
>> I could of course uninstall pulseaudio after the upgrade, but I 
>> wonder whether a more elegant solution does not exist.
> I wonder if this is a consequence of Firefox's recently added pulseaudio
> requirement for providing sound?
> I avoid installing individual packages, rather than via pinning, in this manner:
> 	apt-mark hold pulseaudio

The reason I don't use this, for the most part, is that A: it doesn't
produce the same behavior in the apt-get dependency resolver, and B:
last time I checked, you couldn't "hold" a package in a "not installed"

Describing it rigorously gets wordy and dense, but basically, in my
experience held packages lead to apt-get reporting "you have requested
an impossible situation" (in terms of dependency resolution) in
situations where pinned packages lead to apt-get finding an alternate
dependency solution (usually one which involves holding back other

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