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apt or apt-get equivalent of 'aptitude --show-why upgrade'


I'm running Debian testing and would like to upgrade from "oldtesting" (jessie) to current testing. I noticed that 'apt upgrade' as well as 'apt-get upgrade' want to install the package 'pulsaudio' which I've been avoiding successfully so far.

I could of course uninstall pulseaudio after the upgrade, but I wonder whether a more elegant solution does not exist.

Specifically, aptitude has a '--show-why' option. I checked that neither 'apt' nor 'apt-get' have an equivalent option. Is there some other way to know why 'pulsaudio' is to be installed?

Of course I could simply use 'aptitude' for the upgrade, but then I will never know the answer to my question because 'aptitude' does not even want to install 'pulsaudio' as part of the upgrade. Also, in the past I've made the experience that 'aptitude' seems to have more trouble resolving some complex dependency situations.

Thanks for any hints,

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