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Re: pop-up windows all the time in Firefox, Stretch

From: mattcrews@mattcrews.com
To: Fungi4All <fungilife@protonmail.com>

Back up your ~/.mozilla folder, delete it and reopen Firefox. This will create a fresh Firefox profile. Make sure that Firefox's built in pop up blocker is enabled. Then navigate to websites that are generating pop-ups that normally don't.

If the pop-ups persist, then either your computer has been hijacked (wiping your HD and re-installing the OS might fix) , your modem/router has been hijacked (check your modem/router for firmware updates), or shenanigans are occuring through your ISP (which you probably can't do anything about).

Thanks for the suggestion for add blockers. What I guess I am saying is;
even in websites that I know would never include pop-up ads, when
clicking on something, I am getting a pop-up with some add. It feels
like a virus, like something that is affecting Firefox (I havent tested
other browsers) at the system level, or at least at the program level.
It feels like some bad software is affecting Firefox. For example, when
clicking on a dropdown box, a new window is opened with some ad, I know
this is not being done by the website I am navigating.
thanks a lot,

Check your addons in firefox and your homepage.  This sounds like a hijacking
activity.  But there is a difference between pop-up and ad-blocking.  Ad-blocking
works whether they pop or are within the page.  Pop-ups may not necessarily
be ads.  You can also add the No-Script addon to only allow what you want
scripts on.  But this is all browser related, not system.

You are top-posting, which you will have to learn to respect the choice not to,
and you are responding to me personally as I am having the problem.  I don't
even use Mozilla anymore.

Any reference on hijacking trojans on Debian would be most interesting.

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