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Re: unable to repartition SD card from Android phone

From: dpchrist@holgerdanske.com

On 05/26/2017 03:23 PM, Fungi4All wrote:
> I think google locks the mbr so no other system can ever use it again.

How? Please provide citation(s).

I am kidding, but you may want to try this straight off your debian repository or 
the latest from its developers http://www.embedded-projects.net/usbprog/
USBprog, it may give hints  of whether something may be fixible.  I don't have
much experience on it, I tried to see once whether you can read and/or write
firmware on something.  I was wondering whether the diference between a
manufacturers usb-sticks was firmware and the rest was identical between 8GB 
and 128GB.  So I had identical models of the same issue of 2 different sizes and
was trying to compare.  It seemed a bit more complex than programming eprom

> But while it gives you a long error message in another system it notifies
> google of what that system is and which android user is attempting it.

How? Please provide citation(s).

That's my shot on science fiction, but you wouldn't think they are that evil, do you?

>Please do, but release it under a license that allows us to read it
>on-line for free and then decide if we want to buy it.

Only Greeks provide you with free gifts if you are a heroic Thracian city.  For
everything else there is always a cost.

Have you by any chance read The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum, or anything else
by him.  Some were made into movies but as always, read the book first.


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