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Re: Apt Question

On 05/23/2017 08:47 AM, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 09:23:46AM -0400, Fungi4All wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: Apt Question
>> UTC Time: May 23, 2017 11:54 AM
>> From: wooledg@eeg.ccf.org
>>> If he
>>> is already running a sid linux kernel and some other core packages by
>>> switching to jessie he will be stuck with those packages almost indefinitely,
>> He's not running jessie, nor could he "switch to jessie" if he wanted
>> to. Once you've installed a single binary package from post-jessie,
>> there is no going back.
> That will depend... on the dependencies :)
> Of course, if some package from the N+1 distro pulls in something
> really fat, like, say libc, which upgrades half of your box (yes,
> that's doable: my box looks a bit like that at the moment), then
> your way back will be a bit... painful. 
Absolutely !! :) That's why I always check the proposed changes before
upgrading to a post-Stretch package to make sure that nothing that
drastic is going to be done.  There is a limit to how close to the edge
I will go!!  In fact, should the changes look too heavy, I also explore
going upstream and getting the source package for the newer version and
compiling it on the existing system....sometimes that will work,
sometimes it really needs the newer libraries that I suspect might break
the system.  In which case, I usually decide that bleeding edge probably
would cause too much blood loss!!
But if the package has no
> or very little dependencies, you just have to remember that apt
> (and most probably aptitude) have a natural aversion against
> downgrading packages and that you have to let them know that yes,
> you actually want to do such a seemingly foolish thing.
> As Paracelsus put it once, "Sola dosis facit venenum" (i.e. "It's
> the dosis, stupid" ;-)
> Cheers
> -- tomás

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