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Re: Apt Question

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 04:57:03AM -0400, Fungi4All wrote:
> Michael Milliman wrote:
> > I have, for various reasons, the repositories from stable (Jessie),
> > stretch, and sid in my sources.list file. I have Stretch installed and
> > have it running for some time.

> I don't know, I am not being sarcastic, is this really good practice?

I wouldn't advise it.  The stretch + jessie part is fine, as long as
he realizes he is running stretch, which seems to be the case.  Adding
sid binaries is not wise.  If he needs a package from post-stretch,
he should backport the sid *source* package to his stretch system.

> If he
> is already running a sid linux kernel and some other core packages by
> switching to jessie he will be stuck with those packages almost indefinitely,

He's not running jessie, nor could he "switch to jessie" if he wanted
to.  Once you've installed a single binary package from post-jessie,
there is no going back.

Likewise, once you have installed a single binary package from
post-stretch (e.g. sid), there is no going back.

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