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Re: Apt Question

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Subject: Re: Apt Question
UTC Time: May 22, 2017 11:02 PM
From: songbird@anthive.com

Michael Milliman wrote:
> I have, for various reasons, the repositories from stable (Jessie),
> stretch, and sid in my sources.list file. I have Stretch installed and
> have it running for some time. On occasion, there is a bug in Stretch
> and I revert to the stable version of the package until the bug gets
> worked out. I also, on occasion, use a more advanced version of the
> package and get it from sid (with a careful look at the proposed changes
> to the system when doing so). I have set synaptic to prefer the Stretch
> distribution. However, when I reload, and tell synaptic to mark all
> upgrades, it marks upgrades which it will pull from sid. Is there a way
> to tell synaptic to ignore those upgrades, while allowing me to manually
> install them should I wish to do so? I had thought that telling
> synaptic to prefer the Stretch distribution would have handled that, but
> I guess not. I figure I'm just missing something.

you can always uncheck the apt lines for stretch,
and sid in the Settings -> Repositories and then do
an update to reload. then that will show you only
the versions available in Jessie. then any versions
you have upgraded beyond Jessie will show up as
Installed (local or obsolete) in the Status selection.

I don't know, I am not being sarcastic, is this really good practice?  If he is already running a sid linux kernel and some other core packages by switching to jessie he will be stuck with those packages almost indefinitely, if the system doesn't eventually break due to inconsistencies.  Meanwhile any security and important updates in jessie will not apply to all those testing and unstable till their version gets superseded, and if ever.  Let's say he has linux 4.9.. on and jessie does an upgrade to 3.20, and packages in jessie are checked to all work with 3.20.  Who says that their update will work with an outdated 4.9?

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