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Re: Apt Question

On 05/23/2017 03:57 AM, Fungi4All wrote:
>> -------- Original Message --------
>> Subject: Re: Apt Question
>> UTC Time: May 22, 2017 11:02 PM
>> From: songbird@anthive.com
>> Michael Milliman wrote:
>> > I have, for various reasons, the repositories from stable (Jessie),
>> > stretch, and sid in my sources.list file. I have Stretch installed and
>> > have it running for some time. On occasion, there is a bug in Stretch
>> > and I revert to the stable version of the package until the bug gets
>> > worked out. I also, on occasion, use a more advanced version of the
>> > package and get it from sid (with a careful look at the proposed changes
>> > to the system when doing so). I have set synaptic to prefer the Stretch
>> > distribution. However, when I reload, and tell synaptic to mark all
>> > upgrades, it marks upgrades which it will pull from sid. Is there a way
>> > to tell synaptic to ignore those upgrades, while allowing me to manually
>> > install them should I wish to do so? I had thought that telling
>> > synaptic to prefer the Stretch distribution would have handled that, but
>> > I guess not. I figure I'm just missing something.
>> you can always uncheck the apt lines for stretch,
>> and sid in the Settings -> Repositories and then do
>> an update to reload. then that will show you only
>> the versions available in Jessie. then any versions
>> you have upgraded beyond Jessie will show up as
>> Installed (local or obsolete) in the Status selection.
> I don't know, I am not being sarcastic, is this really good practice?
>  If he is already running a sid linux kernel and some other core
Actually, I'm running Stretch, with occasional packages reverted to
jessie distribution, and other occasional packages advanced to sid
> packages by switching to jessie he will be stuck with those packages
> almost indefinitely, if the system doesn't eventually break due to
> inconsistencies.  Meanwhile any security and important updates in jessie
> will not apply to all those testing and unstable till their version gets
> superseded, and if ever.  Let's say he has linux 4.9.. on and jessie
> does an upgrade to 3.20, and packages in jessie are checked to all work
> with 3.20.  Who says that their update will work with an outdated 4.9?
I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that packages that run on previous
kernels (3.16 say) will continue to work under new kernels (4.9). I have
not been bitten by this as of yet, though it is always a possibility.
As far as packages advanced to Sid distribution, I make no assumptions,
I try out the package, if it works, great, if not, I can always revert
it to Stretch or Jessie.  I always inspect the changes made to the
system when installing from Sid to make sure that the changes are not
likely to break the whole system.  Again, I have not been bitten by this
as of yet, though it is probable that I will be at some time :)

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