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Re: Custom Debian LiveCD?

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Subject: Custom Debian LiveCD?
UTC Time: May 22, 2017 10:23 PM
From: anonymous@foto.nl1.torservers.net

I'd like to make my own custom Debian livecd for private
use. However, when I search for this on the web it's either
posts which talk about discontinued programs which have
been abandoned and/or no longer work, or pages with step by
step instructions, dozens of pages long, and usually followed
by posts with attempts to correct the tutorial, complain
about it being broken and so on. Thank you for the fish.

This seems as straight forward as it gets http://docs.kali.org/development/live-build-a-custom-kali-iso
If you are planning on using this on a variety of boxes I assume you have to load it with a variety of firmware or rely at the root console and the net connection to install them as necessary.  Kali is just debian plus custom tools.

If it is not so important to plug in and play in any x64 box then why not install a system on usb?  For use on vm configure the vm and save it.  Or, a minimal debian oem live that can get update as they do, and an encrypted persistent partition in the usb with all the packages locally available.  In which case why try to do what tails does best?


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