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Re: Download Manager

On Mon 08 May 2017 at 00:12:18 (+0530), Ashok Kumar wrote:

> > Maybe too much of negative thoughts towards a shell command line ?
> Not negative thoughts about shell, I'm just not comfortable. It's that I 
> cannot memorise/recall so many codes/scripts all the time, I even run down 
> track of remembering all the alias.

You shouldn't need to memorise them. From your rant, you're obviously
going to remember "wget", so you just start each alias with "wget-"
and the rest of the name explains that alias's features, or which
site it's for, or whatever sort of memory jog you need:
etc. I assume you're familiar with command completion, so typing
$ wget-<TAB><TAB>   will list all the various aliases (or functions)
that you've written.


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