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Download Manager

For past 7 years, Linux does not have a single descent Download Manager.
Its totally possible that none of you may have faced this issue ever but
its a somewhat major issue for me...

First with WGET, I'm not at all comfortable with cli, the other being
that even with effort when I try to use wget, the file most of the time
downloaded ends up a corrupt file. For eg: I remember back in 2010,
downloading a 5-6mb of a single file (mp3 to be precise), the wget ended
up downloading packet of total size with 11mb and obviously corrupt file
or yesterday downloading a office file of 90 mb were wget downloaded a
total of 105mb file and again a corrupt file. Downloading complex things
from internet via wget is not even my cup of tea. It so much difficult
at my level of technology understanding.

I had this issue in Ubuntu, Mint, Opensuse, Fedora and now on Debian as
well. I had used from mobile internet,  LAN to WiFi and issue remained
the same.

I even wonder why the hell I even face this problem. Given that most of
the web services I use in the background use wget somewhere. Even a
simple browsing on Windows system, the browser's first request is via
wget in the backend. The world runs on wget, my android runs wget
services for all downloading and uploading in the backend and infact I'm
confident that play store apps are updated via wget service only...then
why I face such a weird wget issue which is so successful elsewhere and
for all.

Most GUI download manager (which I call WGET frontend software's) while
eases my download hassle from cli, ends up with same set of problem as
wget. Majority of the time corrupt file are getting downloaded.  And its
not just corrupt download, I don't have much control over the file and
bandwidth that I'm downloading.

I ended up using Free Download Manager on windows to download most of my
file in the end.

Torrent is not an issue, it works even better than windows in Linux with
better security (encrypted and blocking bad ip range which is not that
easy to do in windows).

I'm a heavy downloader. I download a lot of file of miscellaneous
category and nature.

Browser download managers are bad, there resume option is the worst
thing were I have to end-up re-downloading the file and moreover it
blocks my ability to control bandwidth and for many other reason, I
totally dislike browser (with addon) download manager.

This is one area where I have totally failed with Linux.

A point to make, in previous days, Internet in India used to be quite
erratic behaved network, the speed was like a half AC wave cycle, rising
from 0 to X speed and then falling down and going back to 0. Windows and
its download manager used to easily work with such erratic internet, but
in linux it was not. Today its quite well managed internet service in
India the erratic behavior is under acceptable level but still wget
issue for me remains the same.

Ashok Kumar

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