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Re: Download Manager


Ashok Inder wrote:
> First with WGET, I'm not at all comfortable with cli, the other being
> that even with effort when I try to use wget, the file most of the time
> downloaded ends up a corrupt file.

wget works for me where a web browser would work too.
I quite often download ISOs with a few hundred MB or a few GB of size.

> I even wonder why the hell I even face this problem.

Maybe too much of negative thoughts towards a shell command line ?

> I don't have much control over the file and
> bandwidth that I'm downloading.

Did you try options --output-document and --limit-rate ?
(See shell command "man wget", use "/bandwidth"<EnterKey> to search for the
 word "bandwidth". The second hit is in the explanation of --limit-rate.)

Have a nice day :)


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