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Re: Download Manager

On Sun 07 May 2017 at 23:37:53 +0530, Ashok Inder wrote:

> For past 7 years, Linux does not have a single descent Download Manager.
> Its totally possible that none of you may have faced this issue ever but
> its a somewhat major issue for me...

It is indeed totally possible not to have experienced the problems you
have met. Issuing challenges will only get you on a hiding to nothing,
> First with WGET, I'm not at all comfortable with cli, the other being
> that even with effort when I try to use wget, the file most of the time
> downloaded ends up a corrupt file. For eg: I remember back in 2010,
> downloading a 5-6mb of a single file (mp3 to be precise), the wget ended
> up downloading packet of total size with 11mb and obviously corrupt file
> or yesterday downloading a office file of 90 mb were wget downloaded a
> total of 105mb file and again a corrupt file. Downloading complex things
> from internet via wget is not even my cup of tea. It so much difficult
> at my level of technology understanding.

2010, eh? It was a bad year for not getting uncorrupted files.
Something to do with solar flares.
> I had this issue in Ubuntu, Mint, Opensuse, Fedora and now on Debian as
> well. I had used from mobile internet,  LAN to WiFi and issue remained
> the same.

A plethora of problems after trying so hard.

> I even wonder why the hell I even face this problem. Given that most of
> the web services I use in the background use wget somewhere. Even a
> simple browsing on Windows system, the browser's first request is via
> wget in the backend. The world runs on wget, my android runs wget
> services for all downloading and uploading in the backend and infact I'm
> confident that play store apps are updated via wget service only...then
> why I face such a weird wget issue which is so successful elsewhere and
> for all.

That is the essential question. An example, rather than generalistions,
from you would help. Just one; something that could be tested.
> Most GUI download manager (which I call WGET frontend software's) while
> eases my download hassle from cli, ends up with same set of problem as
> wget. Majority of the time corrupt file are getting downloaded.  And its
> not just corrupt download, I don't have much control over the file and
> bandwidth that I'm downloading.

It's a hard life.

> I ended up using Free Download Manager on windows to download most of my
> file in the end.

Stick to it.

> Torrent is not an issue, it works even better than windows in Linux with
> better security (encrypted and blocking bad ip range which is not that
> easy to do in windows).
> I'm a heavy downloader. I download a lot of file of miscellaneous
> category and nature.

Wink, wink.

> Browser download managers are bad, there resume option is the worst
> thing were I have to end-up re-downloading the file and moreover it
> blocks my ability to control bandwidth and for many other reason, I
> totally dislike browser (with addon) download manager.
> This is one area where I have totally failed with Linux.

So it seems. You are alone.

> A point to make, in previous days, Internet in India used to be quite
> erratic behaved network, the speed was like a half AC wave cycle, rising
> from 0 to X speed and then falling down and going back to 0. Windows and
> its download manager used to easily work with such erratic internet, but
> in linux it was not. Today its quite well managed internet service in
> India the erratic behavior is under acceptable level but still wget
> issue for me remains the same.

Thank you for the history.

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