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Re: Download Manager

On Sun, May 07, 2017 at 11:37:53PM +0530, Ashok Inder wrote:
> For past 7 years, Linux does not have a single descent Download Manager.

Have you tried JDownloader? (http://jdownloader.org)

> For eg: I remember back in 2010, downloading a 5-6mb of a single file (mp3 to
> be precise), the wget ended up downloading packet of total size with 11mb and
> obviously corrupt file or yesterday downloading a office file of 90 mb were
> wget downloaded a total of 105mb file and again a corrupt file.

Have you verified that these files are corrupt using known checksums? As others
have pointed out in some replies, the discrepancies you are seeing are
consistent with comparing a MB (SI unit) with a MiB (base 2, e.g. 1KiB =
1024B)), which suggests you have downloaded them successfully after all.

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