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Re: Debian 8.8 Released but can't get via apt-get?

On Sat, 06 May 2017, RavenLX wrote:
> Does it take awhile for the updates to get to the mirrors? Or do I already

Yes, even assuming everything is working correctly, it takes several
hours for the entire push mirror hierarchy to sync.

Also, some mirrors are not even push-based, they will update from their
upstream mirror every so often (hopefully more than once a day).

> Can someone enlighten me as to how to get the 8.8 updates or how to tell if
> I already have them?

You get the updates normally.  If you managed to update to 8.7 just
fine, likely that means your mirror just doesn't have sync'd yet.  Wait
a few hours, and try again.

The /etc/debian_version file usually has the version of Debian installed
in the system.

Try this in a command line shell:
cat /etc/debian_version

  Henrique Holschuh

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