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Re: Console fonts

On Tue 02 May 2017 at 12:20:01 (-0700), Larry Dighera wrote:

> Yes.  It's a new single-board computer platform that began shipping ~April
> 14, 2017.  I can personally confirm that Tails Linux X11 runs fine on this
> platform, and the manufacturer (Udoo) claims to have successfully installed
> Debian.  
> Given the Udoo team claims to have installed Debian on their hardware, and
> Tails Linux runs on it, I'd prefer to sort out the issues, and see if I
> (we?) can effect a useable system.

I'm sorry if everyone knows which Debian (jessie, stretch, sid)
and kernel version that the Udoo team installed. My deduction
from the lines above was that the OP ran Tails¹, not that the
Udoo team ran Tails.

Hence my thinking that there might be a reference to what the
Udoo team installed that I (and perhaps others) hadn't seen.
Sorry to mystify anyone.



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