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Re: A minimal relational database in Debian

> I'm not sure it's a "bug" in the "bug report" sense.

Sure looks like a bug to me (not being able to access the accept button
looks like a window manager bug, OTOH.  At least with the
window-manager I use (ctwm), I have it configured such that I can move
a window from anywhere to anywhere by grabbing it from anywhere (using
a particular key-combo instead).  I'd expect any window-manager worth my
time to have such functionality, specifically for these kinds of
situations where the borders are or need to be off-screen).

> It's more likely a logical outgrowth of some basic design decisions
> made to meet the perceived needs of a target audience.

Even their target audience will benefit from fixes to the kinds of
corner cases you bumped into.  And even if they decide not to fix it,
reporting these issues is always useful: the maintainers can then better
weigh the tradeoffs they make.

> Even retired, there are just so many hours in a day ;/

Some bug-reports are "fire and forget".  I think you could treat this
one this way.


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