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Re: non-free software requirement

On Wed, Dec 07, 2016 at 11:11:29AM +0000, Steve Greig wrote:
> When I installed debian I got a message saying my computer (emachines
> laptop AMD Athlon X2 64bit) needed some non-free software. The names of the
> software were given although I did not record the names. I decided to go
> ahead without the non-free software as I would have needed it on a media
> and I had no easy way of getting it then. Everything is working pretty well
> and I am tempted to continue without the non-free software. However, I
> wondered what it might be for. The fan seems to be on more than usual and
> also I have to manually increase the screen brightness every time I turn
> the computer on so I guess it could be something to do with that.


If the message was shown during the install, chances are that the non-free software
it was talking about was some kind of firmware.

Try looking at /var/log. Very often, when some piece of hardware "needs" firmware
the kernel usually attempts to load it.

Hope this helps.

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