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Re: Resolved already: No ffmpeg?, howto convert/extract audio from webmd ,write to ogg?

On 12/05/2016 03:19 PM, cbannister@slingshot.co.nz wrote:
On Tue, Nov 01, 2016 at 03:29:00PM +0100, maderios wrote:
Yes, in the past, Marillat repository name *was* 'debian-multimedia', then
he changed his site in 'deb-multimedia'.

He was asked by Debian to change the domain name so people wouldn't think
it was part of Debian. He reluctantly did so.

I installed some stuff from Marillat's repo and it stuffed up my system
completely, took me a couple of days to sort it out. :(
I used Marillat's repo for many years, I never met such problem

I prefer deb-multimedia, from far.

Of course you should be aware that if you report a bug to debian and
any of the packages have 'dmo' in the name, you're shit out of luck
getting it looked at.

Official Debian recommends not to use deb.multimedia. It is not
part of Debian.

Yes but, in the past, some multimedia packages were not available in official deb repo. Recently, good news: I discovered many of these multimedia packages are now in Debian sid/testing repos. So I dont use any more 'deb-multimedia' repo. Avidemux is not available in Debian but official Avidemux appimage works fine http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/download.html


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