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Re: Posts don't show on list

On 04/29/2016 03:45 PM, Stephen Allen wrote:
On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 03:20:14PM -0700, Gary Roach wrote:
address. But I don't think that aol or my mail client is the problem here. I
have mailing lists that are hosted by GoogleGroups and by Sourceforge that
work fine. Does any one know who hosts this list. It doesn't have any info
at the bottom of the page like the others do. Does Debian have there own
mail server?
Yes Debian runs their own email server. If you want to show someone an
image, don't attach it to an email here, but use pastebin. I know Debian
has their own (don't have the url handy right now) but put it there or
anywhere and post the url in the body of your email.

Thanks for the info. Presently, none of my posts show up in the thread making it difficult, sometimes, to figure out what is going on. if now one replies, I have no idea if the message got through (redundant statement I know).

Gary R

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