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Re: Posts don't show on list

On 04/22/2016 04:16 PM, David Wright wrote:
On Fri 22 Apr 2016 at 15:22:11 (-0700), Gary Roach wrote:
On 04/22/2016 06:02 AM, Mimiko wrote:
On 22.04.2016 09:46, Tixy wrote:
It's because you use gmail and that has a 'feature' which you can't turn
off that deliberately hides your own messages.
On 22.04.2016 09:55, Brad Rogers wrote:
Like I said to Michael; gmail.

I find it surprising, to say the least, that, even after all this time,
some people still do not know that gmail does not return list posts to
the writer.
I know about this. Its just a minor annoyance. I could just enter
lists site and see if it is there or not. I don't send a duplicate
if message is on list.

On 22.04.2016 11:59, Gene Heskett wrote:
What you Mimiko, should be doing is using your own ISP's mail server,
which on this mailing list I am, by setting up your own email agent.
There are quite a few available for linux.
I don't want to use my ISP's mail account. Its limited. It can be
blocked. I can switch to another ISP.

I could setup a mail server, but why should I bother to set it up
on my linux-like router, or on my windows desktop...

This google's "functionality" is a minor problem.

I'm glad you thing this is a minor problem. Just put out a critical
question, get no answer and not know whether its due to the message
not getting through or just no interest. It drives me nuts. Things
are inconsistent as well. When I posted this thread my original
message was posted. Since then I tried to as a question requiring
the inclusion of a screen shot. I put the screen shot as an
attachment. The message just disappeared never to be heard from
again. Very annoying .
Do you not have web access? You can check there.


Not sure what you mean by web access. To what?

My account is now with aol only because they allow me to use my old verizon address. But I don't think that aol or my mail client is the problem here. I have mailing lists that are hosted by GoogleGroups and by Sourceforge that work fine. Does any one know who hosts this list. It doesn't have any info at the bottom of the page like the others do. Does Debian have there own mail server?

Gary R.

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