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Re: apache 2.4.10, debian jessie, PHP 7.0.4 SWAP issue

On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 07:42:06PM +0200, Marek Soha wrote:

> We are experiencing weird issue when we implemented this new combination of
> debian+apache+PHP.
> The system is serving PHP pages. It is running correctly for a quite a bit
> and then start to heavily swap without any outer issue (no load spike). The
> swap is not cleaning itself, only apache restart is of help in this case.
> We were not experiencing this with combination of debian wheezy+apache
> 2.2.22+PHP 5.5.16.
> Do anybody have an idea where to look at?

Please note that the PHP version alone is not enough to know what
exactly you are using. For example, you could be using the Apache
mod_php module (Debian package "libapache2-mod-php5") or maybe PHP-FPM
(Debian package "php5-fpm").

Both are available in jessie and both are "PHP 5.6", but PHP-FPM is
usually much better.

BTW: Are you sure you are using jessie and PHP 7?
(There is no PHP 7 in jessie).

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