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Re: OT: what do you know about Linux?

On 26/4/16 13:09, Juan R. de Silva wrote:
I've meant to say that as far as I know Windows would not be able to run
keyboard connected so wrongly at all. Even if, like in my case,
motherboard survived such a bad treatment.

For what it's worth, Windows doesn't care either. If I'm not mistaken, even the BIOS doesn't really care - it just reports that the keyboard isn't plugged in where it expects it, but the message is usually something to the effect of:

Error: no keyboard found, press any key

And sure enough, you can hit that magical "any" key and it will sail right past the error.

This might be different depending on the board/bios, but in my years of PC support (back when linux users still opted for the PS/2 keyboard/mouse out of necessity) I never came across a board that didn't recognise the keyboard when plugged into the wrong port.

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