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Re: OT: what do you know about Linux?

On Mon, 25 Apr 2016 21:46:22 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:

> Juan R. de Silva composed on 2016-04-26 01:26 (UTC):
>> On my desktop I still use and old keyboard with PS/2 connector.
>> My mouse an USB one, so the mouse PS/2 port on motherboard remains
>> free.
>> A couple of days ago I had to reconnect my keyboard to motherboard. I
>> was doing it in hurry and in the dark, just to the touch.
> Plugging a PS/2 keyboard connector into a motherboard port while the PC
> is powered up is a bad idea. Sometimes doing so can permanently render
> the motherboard port useless.
>> A day later while restarting the machine I was surprised by message
>> from BIOS:"No keyboard detected." However, when started, Debian had no
>> trouble with my keyboard. It was fully functional.
> The Linux driver doesn't care which port the keyboard is plugged into.
> The motherboard BIOS does care, hence the warning at boot. Plugged into
> the wrong port, you can't use the keyboard to get into BIOS setup or
> anything else you might wish to key before the PC boots an OS.
>> Today I had a minute to pull out my desktop tower and found that I
>> mistakenly plugged keyboard connector into the mouse PS/2 port.
> Dejavu. There was a long thread almost a month ago here "Changing Boot
> Order"
> about using the wrong port.
>> I wish to see Windows trying to swallow this. :-) Or I am outdated on
>> Windows skills, am I?
> ???

All you comments are correct and my funny experience proofs it. I was 
certainly lucky not to blow up my motherboard. Praise to ASUS.

I've meant to say that as far as I know Windows would not be able to run 
keyboard connected so wrongly at all. Even if, like in my case, 
motherboard survived such a bad treatment.

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