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Re: Sometimes "time shift" after resuming from suspend

On Mon, 25 Apr 2016 19:02:10 +0200
Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> wrote:

> Fwiw, with recent Windows editions it should be ok to enable UTC. There
> is a registry key which needs to be set.
> Dunno though, if XP is recent enough.

thanks, I didn't know that, seems like it's actually possible with XP,
though there still seem to be a few pitfalls left (according to a quick
web search).

> For how long did the system sleep when this log message occurs?
> This probably just means, that your hwclock drifted enough so the clock
> needed adjustment.

This doesn't seem to matter, the message is there even if I resume after
some 20 seconds.
Another observation I just made:
I tested a simple script that will call ntpdate on resume to correct
the broken change to the system time if necessary; for testing I called
"date" to temporarily set the time one our backwards. When I the called
systemctl hybrid-sleep it looked like the time was set *three* hours
forward this time already while the suspend/hibernate was running, so it
looks like systemd's suspend (or hibernate?) procedure is the evildoer
here, not the resume. I figured that the additional hour in this try
might be caused by the contents of /etc/adjtime that might have not been
updated by my "date" call?!
Anyway, I am still really puzzled how such an odd behavior is possible.



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