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Sometimes "time shift" after resuming from suspend


here (Jessie with systemd) occasionally after the system is resumed from
suspend mode the time is shifted forward by what appears to be exactly two
hours. This does not occur always on resume, just sometimes, with no
apparent reason. I have checked the syslog after this happened, but the
only lines I found concerning the change of system time are these:

Apr 25 02:19:45 localhost systemd[1383]: Time has been changed
Apr 25 02:19:45 localhost systemd-sleep[2090]: System resumed.

which are also there when the time was set correctly, so I guess they do
not mean anything.

Now I suspect that the two-hour shift is related to the hardware clock
using local time instead of UTC (because of an existing WinXP Partition),
which is here CEST (UTC + 2hrs.).The timezone is set to Europe/Berlin
in /etc/timezone, in /etc/adjtime the respective line is set to LOCAL,
which I believe should be ok. I also doubt that a general faulty
configuration is responsible for the problem, since it happens only
sometimes, in most cases the system time is handled correctly.

Anyway, I have no idea what might cause this strange behavior, a web
search did not show up something helpful either.
The command I use to suspend the system is usually
"systemctl hybrid-sleep", I don't think this makes a difference to a
"normal" suspend, though I am not 100% sure.

Does anyone have an idea what might be the cause for this?

Best regards


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