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Re: Modified Rapture<g>, and a new question

On Mon 04 Apr 2016 at 16:51:23 -0400, Alan McConnell wrote:

>         <G> solved now, I hope!  Now my progress report: after futzing around and
>         trying to install this and that, I decided to bite the bullet/go with the
>         flow, and install GNOME, the whole thing.  Which I did, and it took just
>         short of an hour.  For some reason, Libreoffice was not installed.  I hope
>         I can get it later, since I know no other method of reading the occasional
>         .doc and .docx files that come my way.

Strange. Libreoffice packages are dependencies of gnome (as is gdm3). You
could try

  apt-get install -f


  apt-get install libreoffice

>         [  By the way: I could and did get  emacsen-common, but still have no working
>         emacs.  How does one get such?  ]

emacs24 is on DVD-2, so either you obtain this disk or (as was suggested
earlier in this thread) set up sources.list for an external mirror and
get it over the network.

>         Result of my GNOME install:  I typed   'startx'  from my command line, and I
>         got a beautiful blue screen, a delight to the eye after days of perusing tiny
>         characters on a black display.  And in the middle of the blue screen there was
>         a handsome mouse arrow, which moved around elegantly when controlled by my right
>         hand.   

Progress indeed.
>         And that was _all_!!  No icons, nothing to click on . . . I typed on the keyboard,
>         no reaction . . .   There must be some simple way to get a proper GNOME started,
>         but since I've never used it before, I wonder if someone can give me a hint.

The gnome I have has 'Activities' in the top left of the screen.

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