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Re: Changing Boot Order

Alan McConnell a écrit :
> I am running wheezy, and would like to upgrade to jessie.  To
> that end I've bought a CD and a USB stick from LinuxCollections.
> My problem: when booting I can't get into my bios to change the
> boot order.  No matter what key I press, the system continues
> on with a re-boot of my old  wheezy.

I won't answer your question but juste make two comments.

1) Why do you want to boot the Debian Jessie installer ? You don't need
it to upgrade your Wheezy installation to Jessie, only to reinstall a
new system.

2) You can boot the Debian installer from the boot loader installed on
the system disk. The installer has a kernel image (vmlinuz) and
initramfs (initrd.gz) just like any other Linux system.

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