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Re: Throughput riddle


On 21/03/2016 2:22 AM, arian wrote:
> another simple bandwidth check:
> # host1: nc -l 8090 > /dev/zero
> # host2: dd if=/dev/zero | nc host1 8090

Okay, I'm trying the following.

On host 1
# ssh -f name-in-config -L 18090:localhost:8090 'nc -l 8090 > /dev/zero'

The "name-in-config" is setup in ~/.ssh/config file with host and port,
direct login with the name works perfectly.

The remote end [host 2] is running nc, I can see it via a different login.

root 21335 21333 0 05:38 ? 00:00:00 bash -c nc -l 8090 > /dev/zero

Back to host 1....

# dd if=/dev/zero | nc localhost 18090
channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused

Why do I get a connect failed on this?

Kind Regards

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