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Re: Throughput riddle

> No - I've been using the default: 'iperf -c hostxxxx' on laptop, 'iperf
> -sD' on router, NAS.
> Actually, this morning I've been getting about 17-20 Mbps between the
> laptop and NAS. I tried bidirectional testing ('iperf -d -c hostxxxx',
> and the results actually remained constant.

That sound weird. Can you check by means of tcpdump, wireshark or similar wether packages are actually only hitting the air once?

another simple bandwidth check:
# host1: nc -l 8090 > /dev/zero
# host2: dd if=/dev/zero | nc host1 8090

bidirectional version:
# host1: nc -l 8090 > /dev/zero
# host2: nc -l 8090 | nc host1 8090
# host1: dd if=/dev/zero | nc host2 8090

kill the last after a while

with that I get very consistent 2.7 MB/s unidirectional, 1.4 MB/s bidirectional

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