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Re: Throughput riddle

> Here's the part that baffles me - these are with the laptop connected
> to the router wirelessly:
> Laptop - router:	~11.8 Mbps
> Laptop - NAS:		~14.7 Mbps
> Once again, these numbers vary widely, but are in line with the laptop
> - router numbers.
> But here's the kicker: Ookla's speedtest (run on the laptop with
> speedtest-cli) shows 29.01/5.89 (d/u), and this is fairly consistent.

Just checking: you're not runnging iperf bidriectional, right? WiFi is half duplex, in general for radio it's extremely difficult to achieve full duplex when you don't have separate uplink/downlink carriers.
In that case you need to double your figures, and you'd get something compatible with the speedtest results.

regards, arian

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