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Re: Iceweasel update error on Wheezy

On 03/14/2016 02:59 PM, Liam O'Toole wrote:
On 2016-03-14, Laszlo T. <tlacix@gmail.com> wrote:
No more Iceweasel brand. The Debian can use the Firefox name. So change the

deb http://mozilla.debian.net/ jessie-backports firefox-release
In the case of wheezy, that would be wheezy-backports. Also, note that
firefox-esr is available as well as firefox-release. The former is
closer to the iceweasel experience in Debian.

remove Iceweasel,
Various metapackages depend on iceweasel. It might be prudent to leave
it in place for now, depending on your circumstances.

install Firefox and you will have fresh browser,
currently v45. It works fine for me.
Using firefox-esr on jessie here. No complaints so far.

What is the difference between firefox-esr and firefox-release? I have been downloading the tar file from mozilla since this whole thing started. How different is what Debian now has from the Mozilla tar file? Will Debian keep up with the Mozilla releases, or will they remain behind until the next point release. I am perfectly happy to continue downloading from Mozilla if that will keep me current, and Debian's repo will not.


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