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Re: Iceweasel update error on Wheezy

On 2016-03-14, Laszlo T. <tlacix@gmail.com> wrote:
> No more Iceweasel brand. The Debian can use the Firefox name. So change the
> repository
> deb http://mozilla.debian.net/ jessie-backports firefox-release

In the case of wheezy, that would be wheezy-backports. Also, note that
firefox-esr is available as well as firefox-release. The former is
closer to the iceweasel experience in Debian.

> remove Iceweasel, 

Various metapackages depend on iceweasel. It might be prudent to leave
it in place for now, depending on your circumstances.

> install Firefox and you will have fresh browser,
> currently v45. It works fine for me.

Using firefox-esr on jessie here. No complaints so far.



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