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Re: Every opportunity taken (Was: Does anyone know how to configure a Brother MFC...)

On 03/15/2016 12:22 PM, Martin Read wrote:
On 15/03/16 07:45, deloptes wrote:
I see recently more python code written than real C/C++.

So what? Most programs *shouldn't* be written in C or C++, and I say this as someone who loves C and C++ and reaches for one of them by default as the language for solving computing problems. (Unless they involve substantial quantities of text manipulation, in which case I reach for Perl because neither C nor C++ have even *remotely* satisfactory capabilities in that regard.)

There are specific circumstances in which a low/medium-level systems programming language like C or C++ is the right choice for implementing solutions to a computing problem. I submit that *most* programs are not subject to those circumstances, and thus there are better languages for implementing most programs.

Python is probably the right language less often than people use it, but for most jobs people do with it, C or C++ would be just as wrong a choice, if not more so.

It's too bad that the original Borland Pascal is not around anymore. Or even the later version of BASIC with the case statement. Simple and even
a doppus like me could write with one of them!

--doug (retired RF engineer--not a programmer!)

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