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Re: Differences Between ThinkPad Models

Jape Person wrote:

> Interesting how perceptions on physical build quality of computer
> systems differ.
> I've had two Dell Inspirons which actually decayed into pieces over a
> short time (never dropped). Thinking I'd have better luck with Dell's
> business grade stuff, I bought a Dell Precision laptop (metal casing and
> frame) which was absolute junk. The casing and frame were fine, but it
> experienced multiple motherboard and drive failures. I tossed it in the
> recycle bin 2 years after I purchased it.

The business line of Dell is Latitude, not Inspiron. Inspiron is known to be
bad quality.
I have 2 D520 serving more than 10years - still working, but I had to
replace the one, because it had only 2GB of RAM and it was not possible to
run RAM hungry apps like Oracle DB or multiple VMs.
Now I have the E5440, which is another great machine. The 7000 are equiped
with a USB3 (DisplayLink) docking station - that is not and will not be
supported by Linux, but this is also true for the rest like Lenovo or

I'm not sure why you people compare apples with pears.

I love the E5440 and hope it will serve in the next 8y at least.


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