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Re: Differences Between ThinkPad Models

On Fri, Dec 04, 2015 at 09:36:59AM +0100, mourik jan heupink wrote:
> On 12/04/2015 05:28 AM, Erick Ocrospoma wrote:
> >I currently have one T440p Lenovo. It's a rock solid, with a nice
> >keyboard. In depends mostly on
> >your needs, T series are for long usage (uptime). Supported on Linux,
> >I've played here with Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora.
> I currently have a t430s, but it will be my last lenovo. I agree on
> compatibility: no issues there. But I strongly disagree on build
> quality. Mine is NOT rock solid at all. During the first months the
> two front corners already broke, with cracks running towards the
> keyboard.
> Plus: it was not covered by the warranty. (note: it's a rather
> expensive laptop (euro 1400) and you'd expect a but better (less
> plastic) build quality.
> Previously i had dell latitude 4300, and it lasted much longer,
> without any damage, and generally felt much sturdier. The lenovo
> feels very plastic, and also sounds like that if you tap it with
> your fingernails.
> So first and last lenovo for me.

My exact thoughts. My T420 is so flexible that you have to be careful
when you pick it up so as not to pop the cd drive open. Too bad. I'm
told the earlier ones, when IBM was still in the picture, were rock
solid. Maybe if I cxould find a used T60......

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