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Re: Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del in Jessie

On 30/11/15 00:05, Bit Head wrote:
In Jessie, this is proving to be more challenging as there is no inittab
file to edit, and while I could create one, it would only contain
commented lines, having a null effect.  It seems that in prior releases,
one had to explicitly say what to do in order for anything to happen,
and in Jessie, one has to explicitly say "do nothing" or action is taken
(the logout/reboot/shutdown prompt is presented with a 30 second timeout).

That logout/reboot/shutdown prompt is a feature of your GUI environment, which should have a mechanism for configuring it to do something *else* (or, hopefully, nothing at all) in response to C-A-D.

For example, my XFCE4 environment is configured to lock the console when I make the three-finger salute.

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