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Re: Upgrade to Jessie lost all monitor resolutions except 1024x768

On 12/01/2015 04:15 AM, Chris Bannister wrote:
On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 05:10:33PM -0800, Marc Shapiro wrote:
On 11/30/2015 04:45 PM, Mike Kupfer wrote:
Marc Shapiro wrote:

On 11/30/2015 04:01 PM, Mike Kupfer wrote:
- Boot a Live image and see what resolution it gives you.
I can still boot into Wheezy and get 1920x1080.
I meant a Jessie Live image.

Though given that you didn't find an old xorg.conf file, the odds of the
Live image doing something different seem pretty slim.

I agree with Felix's recommendation to post information about the
graphics card and at least the Jessie X log file (having both the Jessie
and Wheezy log files would be better).

I have a copy of Xorg.0.log for both Wheezy and Jessie.  How do I post them
to paste.debian.net?
Please post them to the mailing list for future info.
It's only Felix who suggests that, you've been on the list long enough
to know that logs are sent with the emails.

I have posted them to the list. My post of Nov. 30 (yesterday) at 5:27 PM PDT contains the full content of both log files.


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