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Re: Upgrade to Jessie lost all monitor resolutions except 1024x768

Marc Shapiro wrote:

> My problem now is screen resolution.  All I get is 1024x768.  Under
> Wheezy I get 15 different resolutions from 720x400 and 640x480 up to
> 1920x1080.  Jessie says that the monitor is "Unknown" and only allows
> me to use 1024x768.  How do I get X to recognize my monitor under
> Jessie?

Here are a couple troubleshooting steps that I would try:

- Check for a legacy configuration file (e.g., /etc/X11/xorg.conf).  If
  one is present, try moving it out of the way and restarting X.

- Boot a Live image and see what resolution it gives you.


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