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Re: Openbox without other desktop environments.

On Wed, 11 Nov 2015, Rene Funck wrote:

> I have a virgin installation of Jessie v.8.2 and i want to run Openbox
> without other desktop environments. So my situation is almost
> identical to Dwijesh Gajadurs who posted to this list yesterday.
> I followed the advises to Dwijesh: Installed Xorg, installed Openbox
> (my own idea, hope i didn't ruin anything, ha ha!), logged in as a
> regular user and executed
> *startx.*
> It looked like the video-mode changed (probably from text to graphic)
> and then i had a working mouse-pointer on black screen.
> Please help!

You're in luck.  My Wheezy system is set up the same way, a very custom
install.  And I made detailed notes of everything I did.  So ...

Since you've got a working pointer on a black screen, X and Openbox are
working.  Do you get a "floating" menu with a right mouse click?  If
not, did you install obmenu and menu (the Debian one)?  I'm assuming
you've not installed any apps.

Advise you go to Openbox's web site and read the documentation on
installing and configuring. Also, Arch Linux has VERY good step-by-step
documentation on Openbox, among other things.  Those are the two
sources I used when I set up my Wheezy system a couple years ago.


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